Let us be Merry

A CD of Christmas Carols, both sacred and secular, collected in Gloucestershire and researched and performed by Puzzlejug.

Track listing:

1.The Holly and the Ivy
2. A Virgin Unspotted
3. List' our Merry Carol
4, Extract from A Distant Scene (Fred Archer)/Hark, hark what news the angels bring
5. Divers and Lazarus
6. Christmas is now drawing near at hand
7. On Christmas Night
8. O Grand and O Bright
9. While Shepherds Watched
10. Extract from Cider with Rosie (Laurie Lee)/As Joseph was a-walking
11. The Joys of Mary
12. The High-Low Well
13. Sherborne Mummers' Song
14. Here we come a-wandering/Come all you Lucky Gentlemen
15. Brockweir wassail
16. Buff Blow/The Cock Flew up the in Yew Tree/We wish you a Merry Christmas
17. Waysailing Bowl